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Monday, September 21, 2009

Factors Affecting Your Brew

I just love this chart from Happy Herbalist, which shows how various elements in kombucha tea are affected with time. As fermentation time increases,
  • The acidity of kombucha tea increases
  • The pH, sugar content, and alcohol content of kt decrease
With more fermentation time, the yeasts will have more time to convert the sugars → alcohol + CO2 (a waste product that is released into the air), decreasing the sugar content.
Meanwhile, the bacteria will have more time to convert the alcohols → beneficial acids, increasing the acidity, and lowering the pH and alcohol content of the kombucha.
Furthermore, the warmer the environment, the faster the kombucha will brew- which is something to keep in mind in the colder, winter months and the hotter, summer days. Finally, another factor that speeds up the fermentation process is adding more starter tea when brewing.


shel said...

woah! i had not noticed this chart on the happy herbalist site. a very useful visualization.

great blog, have been reading for a few weeks now :)

Aelinn said...

I'm glad I found your blog; thank you for compiling so much useful information!

Annabelle Ho said...

thanks for following my blog, shel! i'm glad you enjoy it. :)

and i'm glad you found my blog too, Aelinn! i hope you keep on reading. ;)