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Friday, April 3, 2009

Kombucha Heaven + Kombucha Workshops

As I've already described in a previous post, I love the Harvest Co-Op in Cambridge for their good prices and overwhelming variety of kombucha tea! If you have never had kombucha, you should come here to try it! Chances are if you don't like one flavor/brand, you'll like another! (And I apologize for the glare in the photo :P).

Also, look for me at the 2009 Boston Skillshare! My workshop Home-Brewing Kombucha will include a power point presentation on KT, a brewing demonstration, a small tasting, and a few SCOBY donations. The exact time and date are still TBD, however.

The Boston Skillshare, to take place on April 18th and 19th at MIT, is an annual FREE weekend event for people to share and learn practical skills! Although the dates are drawing near, they may still be looking for workshop facilitators, so look at their site and contact them ASAP if you think you have a skill you'd like to share! And if you can't make it to my KT workshop, Keith Person will be leading a workshop, Kombucha and More, as well! (Date and time, also still TBD).

Meanwhile, check out Tea Quest for some other adventures on tea and kombucha tea!

Happy Friday!


Annabelle Ho said...

thanks so much for visiting and commenting on my blog, I love hearing when I have new readers!

do you happen to drink kombucha tea or brew anything yourself?

again, thanks for reading! I hope you continue enjoying it! :)

Linda said...

neat blog. I love Kombucha...and I just posted about recycling my Kombucha bottles as little bud vases. i will be back for sure.

LGT said...

I also love Harvest Co-op's selection of kombucha!